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Stafford Borough

Stafford Borough comprises most of central Staffordshire, hemmed in by parts of Shropshire to the west, South Staffordshire and the Black Country to the south, East Staffordshire and Staffordshire Moorlands to the east and Stoke and Newcastle-under-Lyme to the north.

Most of Stafford’s 240 square miles is rural, but 60% of its 120,000 residents live in urban areas, particularly Stone and the County town of Stafford. As the County town, Stafford also contains the County Council administration and several other government agencies like the Police and Ambulance services.

The Borough contains a wide range of industries including farming, manufacturing, haulage and so on, and many residents also commute out to Birmingham, Stoke and Manchester.

The Borough is relatively prosperous, although there are a few pockets of deprivation. Most residents own their own homes, with 12% of homes being administered by Stafford and Rural Homes.


 Last updated: 09/04/07

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