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Council Tax

Council Tax is a tax levied on residential properties with the proceeds going to pay for the provision of Local Government services. The amounts payable are divided into eight bands related to the value of a property from A (low-value property) to H (high-value property). The quoted headline rate of Council Tax is the Band D value, from which the other band levies are calculated.

While the Borough Council is responsible for collecting the whole of the Council Tax in the Borough, it only recieves just over 10% of the proceeds, with nearly three quarters going to the County Council and the remainder going to the local Fire and Police authorities.

Before the Conservatives were elected into control of Stafford Borough Council in 2003, the previous Labour administration waved through above-inflation tax rises for eight consecutive years, and the County Council, which has been in Labour hands for over 25 years, is still putting its taxes up above inflation, while being careful to stay under the Government's 5% cap along with the Police and Fire authorities.

Our Conservative administration made keeping our council tax under control one of our main priorities, and the result has been four consecutive budgets where our share of tax remained beneath the RPI inflation rate with rises of 2.7%, 3.0%, 2.4% and 2.9%.

In fact, with the Police force, Fire service and County Council all raising their precepts by 4.5-5% for three years in a row the Borough Council now makes up a sizably smaller protion of your council tax bill than it did when we came into office!

By slimming down unecessary back-room administration we have also managed to maintain - and in many areas increase - the amount of your money that is spent on what really matters - providing services!



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Council tax by Authority

Council Tax rises by authority

 Last updated: 09/04/07

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