Stafford Borough Conservative Group


What we will do

over the next

four years:

If elected for another four years we aim to continue to maintain and improve Stafford Borough as a clean, green, healthy, safe and prosperous place to live, work and play in


Budget & Economy

Council Tax and red tape

kept to a minimum

We will continue to aim to keep the Borough Council’s share of the Council Tax under control.

We will continue to streamline the Council’s administrative overheads so that the highest possible proportion of the council’s tax revenue is spent on public services rather than red tape.



Better facilities, support

for healthy living

We will continue to improve the Borough’s recreation facilities and support schemes that encourage healthy lifestyles among our residents.



Close scrutiny of

proposed developments

We will continue to press the County Council for improvements to the Borough’s roads and pavements, particularly on measures to control the increasing traffic congestion in Stafford and Stone.

We will continue to closely scrutinise new and on-going developments to ensure that they provide the facilities that give the maximum benefit and enjoyment to our residents.

We will continue to closely monitor the Regional Government Office who have stated that they wish to see nearly 13,000 new houses built in Stafford over the next two decades. We will make sure that development does not take place without the necessary roads, schools, medical facilities and other infrastructure.


Waste & Recycling

A First-rate refuse

collection service

Despite the Labour Government's pressure for change, if at all possible we will continue to provide a weekly refuse collection.

We will continue to make it easier to recycle throughout the Borough so that we can meet the Government’s stringent targets by 2010. Particular attention will be given to cardboard and plastics.

We will continue the special Christmas refuse collection, and following the success of the recent Refuse Amnesty we will repeat it in future years.


Community Safety

Working closely

with local Police

We will continue to work closely with the Police on schemes to make communities safer throughout the Borough.

We will continue to expand anti-social behaviour initiatives to reduce disorder on our streets.


Prosperity & the Wider Community

Quality of life

a key priority

We will continue to encourage job creation by making sure that Stafford Borough continues to be one of the best areas in the country for business growth.

We will continue to give support to the many voluntary organisations within the Borough as we know and value the positive contributions they make to the lives of our residents.

We will continue to pay particular attention to rural areas, which make up more than 40% of our residents and provide enjoyment to many in urban areas.

We will continue to support our existing Parish Councils.

We will continue to improve the accessibility and suitability of all our services in relation to our elderly and disabled residents.


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 Last updated: 09/04/07

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