Stafford Borough Conservative Group


What we have done

over the last

four years:

When we were elected in 2003 we set out to control the Borough Council’s tax within inflation and make Stafford Borough a clean, green, safe and prosperous place to live work and play in.


Budget & Economy

Council tax kept within inflation, better economic performance

We have controlled the Borough’s finances so that in all four of our budgets our share of the council tax has increased by no more than the rate of inflation.

We have built a new start-up centre to encourage the establishment and growth of new small businesses in the Borough

We have improved the economic performance of the Borough with many extra jobs created throughout the Borough since 2003. Stafford Borough is now ranked the 2nd best of all the boroughs and districts in England for economic development.

We have won several additional grants from Central Government in return for improving the efficiency of planning and other services.

We have improved the Borough Council’s customer relations, making the Council’s telephone contact centre easier to reach outside of normal office hours.

Housing Stock

More money now available

for housing upgrades

We have transferred the Council’s housing stock to a new housing association, Stafford & Rural Homes, who are spending nearly £25 million pounds on maintenance and refurbishment of the Borough’s council houses over this year and next year.


A brand new sport centre

under construction

We have continued to provide sports development courses and play schemes and refurbished play areas in Stafford and Stone.

We have continued the programme to improve access to sports facilities for the disabled.

We have begun the construction of a brand new swimming pool and recreation centre to replace the ageing Riverside Sports Centre, at no cost to the residents of the Borough.



More affordable housing due

to be built, riverside walk to

be extended and upgraded

We have begun the construction of a major riverscape project in Stafford to provide a pleasant new walkway along the banks of the river all the way from Doxey to Fairway.

We have been working, through the Market Town Initiative in Stone, to further enhance the community facilities and riverscape.

We have supported the construction of major developments which will provide more affordable housing, more shops, a new cinema, restaurants, apartments, car parking and a modern Riverside frontage to transform the area into a second focal point for Stafford town Centre.

Waste & Recycling

Tidier streets, recycling

targets met

We have introduced the Streetscene initiative to improve the cleanliness of our streets and deal with fly tipping.

We have met our current recycling targets and provided brown bins for the disposal of garden waste.

We have introduced the “refuse amnesty” allowing residents to dispose of large items of household waste such as old sofas and mattresses for free.


Community Safety

Greater funding available for

dealing with anti-social behavior

We have worked in close partnership with the local Police Force to deliver more CCTV and other monitoring of crime hot spots achieving major reductions in crime in most areas of the Borough.

We have made more funding available for dealing with anti-social behaviour, including extra CCTV in the Borough.


 Last updated: 09/04/07

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